Sacramento, CA
A truly terrible experience
Since the heading of your review line is “please leave a review if you have a great experience”, I don’t expect you to post this one. The cigars of course were excellent. However the experience was terrible. After spending A significant amount of money, which was to be expected, we were subjected to some local gentleman who decided that no one else around that mattered. Their language was offensive and their disregard for anyone else in the establishment was notable. When I reported this to one of the employees, he decided to cite the first amendment of the constitution as their right to offend others. He must’ve missed his constitutional law classes, because no one has the right to disregard others around them or infringe on their rights to a peaceful establishment. What was more offensive was his lack of caring for us or our concerns. His attitude was dismissive and basically sent the message, you spent your money so we really don’t care how you feel. If you go to Vegas, buy cigars from Davidoff, but find another place to smoke them if you wish to enjoy them. Customer service is not that strong point.