Sioux Falls SD
Excellent Las Vegas Cigar Experience
Let me start off by saying that I had high expectations for Davidoff given my prior cigar lounge experience in other cities and my overall love of smoking great cigars. I was intently looking for a great lounge with good atmosphere, knowledgeable and passionate staff, friendly service and I was able to find it here. The bar itself was great. Indoor and outside seating. Patio heaters to keep guests comfortable while enjoying outside. Three TVs all with different college football games on (key for me, cannot stand going to a bar and having the same game on every channel) The humidor selection was robust, with plenty of flavor pallets and a good mix of medium, mild and full body cigars. The staff typically cuts and lights for you, but since I have a special cutter and torch that I brought with me, I declined for them to do that and they were completely fine with it. The drinks were wonderful, and we never had an empty glass. While the drinks were pricy compared to your local neighborhood bar, they were very reasonable for Las Vegas. Food options were limited but what we ordered was a great snack. Overall my experience was exceptional. Myself and 5 other friends sat outside for 3-4 hours. We ate, drank beverages, laughed, watched college football and smoked cigars and it was an incredible vibe. The waitress staff was on it. They were fast and very friendly. I also appreciate that this establishment allowed me to smoke cigars that I brought with me on my trip in addition to buying and smoking theirs. Many places do not like that for whatever reason but the staff here was amazingly accommodating and took no issue with it, which gives high marks in my book. I had such an amazing time at this cigar bar and there is absolutely no question I will be making stops here next time I return to Vegas. If you are a cigar aficionado, casual smoker, or a rookie, there is a spot at the bar for you and you will be treated very well by an incredible staff. 5***** here.