Napa, CA
I'm a wine snob.  I know wines, know what I like, know the different APAs of Napa, and what is good year and why. Cigars, not so much.  I smoked pipes in my youth and cigars from Eastern Europe back in the day of the Evil Empire, but I haven't had a cigar in 30 years.  I was at the Chocolate Factory on the LV Strip, and decided to go to Davidoff for a good stogie.  I walked into the humidor and had *no* idea what I was looking at. Enter Troy.  This guy is truly a sommelier of cigars.  He didn't look down on my lack of knowledge, but instead walked me through my memories, what tasted good, what I like about a cigar, why, and asked what sounded good.  By the time I was done I had settled on a Nicaraguan Patron 26.  For me, what an interesting, excellent choice. The point is, you won't be belittled, made fun of, or upsold to something that is more expensive. You'll simply get something that meets your taste buds.