San Diego, CA
Got into Las Vegas around midnight, checked into hotel and searched for an open cigar lounge. Was pleased to see Davidoff was open long enough to enjoy a smoke and whiskey with my son. Parking was easy in the mall garage, the bar is upscale with a great selection. The furniture and décor are classy-comfortable. Cigar brand selection is SOLID- includes other brands. Nice to kick back on the patio overlooking the strip with a Davidoff Damaso recommended by one of the assistants based on my taste. My son had an Ashton VSG- we each had a couple premium whiskeys and did NOT break the bank! Closing was at 2AM however one of the managers, Rich, ensured that we were ok and they'd "close around us" which gave us an extra half-hour to casually finish up and close out. This is a bucket-list destination for BOTL/SOTLs (brothers and sisters of the leaf) for sure! I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the name/location before I showed up in jeans but that was quickly put to rest! Rich, thanks for your hospitality - we'll be back.